Steering Committee

Mike Campbell

Financial Officer

Pamela Schueler

Member at large

Randy Koontz-left

Member at large

Club Liaison

Sara Barrow


Red Book Manager

GoF West By-laws

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GoF West Red Book

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The Red Book was created as a guide to putting on a GoF West Event.

Corey Hogue-left & Val Howard-Hogue-right

Back-end IT Management (Corey) & Website (Val)

Email Manager

Fran & Pete Thelander

Advisory Steering Committee Members

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H Garcia

Vice Chairperson

Social Media

Joyce Edgar


(619) 593-8255

Email Joyce

Kathy Tyzzer

2024 GoF West

Event Chairperson

Val Howard-Hogue

Member at Large

2024 GoF West Event Vice Chairperson

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